The Beginnings

In the early 2000’s Bramuel Musya worked as television producer for a local Christian broadcaster. There were many life-changing opportunity at Family Media. But there was one opportunity that impacted him and changed his life completely. The young producer was asked to produce a program called “Go Ye – The Great Commission.” Traversing through the remote villages of Kenya, he sought to find village pastors in the forgotten corners of the nation and to capture their stories for his TV audience. The audience was majorly urban christians. So the intention was to mobilize material support for these poor rural champions of the gospel. He also wanted to challenge the urban church to arise and get involved with the least reached people groups. Bramuel interviewed hundreds of pastors and every interview ended with a simple question; “what would you say is your greatest need?”

Although these self-less leaders were confronted by extreme poverty, their responses would often shock the television crew. Most of them said, “come and train us how to do ministry…” “come and teach us the Bible and show us how to teach others…” “can someone come and show us how to disciple those who cannot read and write…” or “please bring us some discipleship material and some books for pastors…” One day Bramuel witnessed an interesting situation; a 14-year-old boy in one remote Maasai village had just arrived home walking from school. He quickly had his lunch and then changed from school uniform to civilian. He then brought a bicycle and a Bible from his little mud hut and started cycling away. When Bramuel asked the local pastor to share a little bit about the boy, the pastor said, “the local people have really been responding to the gospel. We are planting many churches in the area. But the people are not literate yet they’re hungry for God’s word. So they contributed money and bought the Bible and bicycle and gave it to this young man because he’s the only one in the church who can read. After school he rides from one homestead to another, reading the Bible for the people.” “Wow, something needs to be done,” Bramuel said. The need was evident; rural under-trained and and under-resourced pastors were the real champions of the Gospel and someone needed to come alongside them with contextualized solutions to their need especially in equipping them for effective ministry.

Finally, in September 2005, after much prayer and counsel, with a simple vision to equip rural pastors with tools and training for ministry, Bramuel resigned from formal employment to pursue full time ministry. And that marked the beginning of the journey for Spear Africa Foundation. Originally we carried different names but after many years of ministry, as we sought clarity of mission and vision, we rebranded to SPEAR for a sharper target. Since that humble beginning and with the unmatched coaching of our founder by Dorothy Miller, over 12,500 indigenous leaders have been trained through this ministry in short-term seminars and conferences hosted by churches in 27 different African countries. These trainings have covered a variety of ministry disciplines including; Bible Storytelling, Oral Bible Schools, Leadership, Theology, Sanctity of Human life, children’s ministry and more.
We believe that the transformation of Africa will be realized efficiently through the church. But the church will only be effective in impacting its community with Biblical transformation if the pastors and church leaders are equipped with the right skills and tools for ministry. This is what keeps us going as a ministry.

“…that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:17

  • Founder | Executive DirectorBramuel Musya

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